Embedded Audio Signal Processing

This course is a collaboration between Insa-Lyon (TC-Dept, Citi Lab) and GRAME-CNCM. The objective is to foster the development of emerging embedded audio devices and to take advantage of the forthcoming new Citi team Emeraude (Embedded Programmable Audio Systems).

In this course, students will learn about:

  • Low-level embedded systems for real-time audio signal processing
  • Digital audio system architecture
  • Audio codec configuration
  • IC communication protocols
  • Audio signal processing
  • Audio sound synthesis and effects design
  • The Faust programming language


Organization and ECTS

The course will consists of 32 hours (2 ECTS) divided into 16h TD (or CM, this is equivalent) and 16h TP (two instructors):

  • 2x2h CM
  • 6x2h CM/TD
  • 8x2h TP
  • Evaluation on TPs

Course Overview