Lecture 10: Embedded OS, freeRTOS

This course will present the important notions of embedded operating systems and explain in more details the FreeRtos operating system used on ESP32.


It is (temporarily) available through sildes here


Creating tasks

Create an IDF project that creates two FreeTtos Tasks: one is generating number each second, send via a FIFO of length 10 these numbers to the other task which is printing them on uart. The two task will have the same priority: 10.

One can use the function esp_random for generating random numbers, xTaskCreate to create task and xQueueCreate, xQueueSend, xQueueReceive to communicate between the tasks.

Experimenting priority and starving

Try to saturate the FIFO (i.e. send faster than receiving by using vTaskDelay. Change the priority of the receiver task, set the priority to 9, does it starve the sender? Wath happens it the receiver does not receive anymore but executes a stupid loop such as this on:

for(;;) {